Domina Mistress Enchantress

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About Mistress Enchantress De Sade

The Queen


I am not the Woman who is going to

watch you play with your dick while

your subby wife or girlfriend sits at home.

Always address Me as either Mistress Enchantress

or Goddess Enchantress,nothing else!


I am not your princess.I am the Queen

around this bitch,get it rights!

I am strict,uncompromising and sadistic Goddess.


I have no need  for a man without a purpose.

Your sole purpose in life is to keep Me happy.

Comfort,convenience and worry free life is


Money can buy all three.


I don´t have to validate myself to you

or any other bitch.

You must submite to Me.

You will come to Me on your knees willing

and ready,with your asshole,mind,heart

and wallet wide open for Me to fuck.


Becoming My slave is something you have to

do for yourself by being true,

passionate and wholy obedient.


I am NOT looking for a vanilla relationship

with any person !

Don´t approach Me at all.

This is very annoying to Me and will get your

ass to be banned from contact.


I fucking hate freeloaders,cheap fuckers and

men who want waste My time.

If you really want to be abused by Me and

want My atention,show Me some devotion.

Impress Me.

I want your money.

Your money makes Me happy and if you

think you want to be My bitch,

that wallet will be opened up to Me

at all the times.


I have done that whole Dungeon

and it is mine.

I am The Queen in the scene.

I am The Rule in this Kingdom.


I am Pro-Domme and My time is charged.

I am The Queen in this Kingdom